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It’s one of those days…
When my daughter again proved that childhood is no cakewalk and children are not to be taken for granted. It’s been quite a while, there are little disturbances going on whereas the health of my near & dear ones are concerned & it’s been a year the turmoil & upheavals have made a promise to stay with us for some unpredictable time.

There’s an array of events like my father’s demise which still remains a hard fact to accept, then my mother’s consistently failing health & falling a prey to Parkinson’s disease, following that my mom-in-law being diagnosed with stage 3 cancer and not to forget they are the most loved ones and closest ones of my life. Each of these occurrences came to the forefront almost in a competitive mood of who would come to the foreground first & would stay for how long, nothing was losing its grip or fading its clutch. I was constantly on an emotional roller coaster ride because to be more profound and grounded at this juncture of my life, my profession as a life skill coach and counselor also teaches me not to be afraid of my emotions and I should have the power to feel deeply all my emotions at any given point of time.

My daughter has always witnessed me being a very strong, happy-go-lucky person who has always rejoiced & cherished her being. So, when I was down in doldrums at times, she always came to my rescue. Once, she came to me, held my hands softly, gave me the warmth of her hug and asked me, “Momma, I am getting a glass of water for you, you would feel good and we could talk for hours”. I was deeply touched by her words & felt my daughter has grown from a tiny tot to a thinking & empathizing adult. I am running short of words to convey what I felt at that very moment, I was almost in tears. After drinking that glass of water, I was quite relaxed & felt in control of the situation.

Then quickly she changed the entire set up of mood to another level, she talked about how she & her friends were playing, which role plays they were doing and how all of them were having a ball. Then she very aptly brought something which complemented my situation, she said, “When my friends & I were playing and some kind of cribbing or complaining were coming, I instantly told them, “Hota hai hota hai, Itna kyon rota hai”. (It happens, It happens, why to worry so much, Let’s find a way).

Then she looked at me & said, “Momma, God is been so kind to us, he has given us a family of all lovable people where everyone loves each other. God always makes good plans for us, he wants to make us strong. You only tell me na, whatever happens, it happens for a reason & the reason is always for our good. So, when gives us problems, he actually wants to tell us that go, find a way”.

And listening to her I was awestruck, I got my delightful tingles, it eased me comfortably, elated my spirit & relieved my soul. It swiftly swayed away my emotional pangs. She is my wonder child, my chhota packet, bada dhamaka type. Her immaculate lines are way substantial to transcend me to more reasonable, pragmatic & level-headed disposition each time I witness them, be it like “You are the best Momma of the world & you are the answer to all my questions”, there’s another one like “ we can’t smile & frown and doing both at one go, so, Momma let’s laugh together”. I am so fortunate & divinely blessed that I belong to her & she belongs to me. She’s heaven-sent to us & as parents, we are experiencing life with all its fervour, vigour, ardour & hunger with her.

When God gives us hardships & puts us in myriad tests & trials, he certainly designs, contrives, contemplates our life in such a way that intends a better living, a higher thinking, a tryst with destiny. And my life is destined to be blessed with my daughter.. ‘Shlokaa’. Her presence in our life pronounces boastfully that yes, all good things actually and very aptly come in small packages.

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  • pritam says:

    Indeed, the article is very inspiring & heart-touching.Any body could get emotional
    reading a little girl is having such understanding is love to shlokaa

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