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I woke up with a song today that very smoothly made a way to my room, “Tum aagaye ho, noor aagaya hai,  nahin toh cheeragon se lau ja rahi thi” and yes, I felt so good, so fresh & rejuvenating. My day kick-started on a lovely note. That song from the movie “Andhi” has played a trick on my senses almost resurrected me from my deep slumber.

External factor has an impact on our thought patterns, on our mindset & outlook.

As we have been listening to masters, spiritual gurus, and reading books on self-development, we know that happiness is an inside job, we can create happiness & we must not depend on outer reasons for an inner strengthening of our soul.

Yes, I agree, everything is inside us, our incredible power, our invincible attitude, our incorrigible faith, these all are our invisible personality traits but to reach out to them externally we have to put our best foot forward, we have to make it accessible to us.
Now, how one can do that?

As we know, to get grocery, we have to go to a grocery shop or to get medicine we have to go to a medicine store likewise to accumulate all our inner strength we have to find out a source through which we would wind up at our destination & set foot on our soul entry, bingo, so, what’s that source??

That source is affirmations, the things that we keep on saying to ourselves day in day out repeatedly, consistently, relentlessly. We need to train our brain for the kind of state it should remain forever.

Research shows that your mood in the morning affects your emotional state for the rest of the day. What makes you happy the most, first thing you have to do it in the morning. So, that your morning efforts will pay you off well the entire day with a feel-good-factor state of mind.

And who doesn’t like to feel good?

Appreciate yourself in the morning and be grateful for whatever you have & what you are. To precisely make you understand, take a piece of paper & write on it the things that you love about yourself and the things that you want to improve about yourself. This is your happiness ritual. Once you are done with the writing, paste it in a place where it should be clear enough to be visible to your eyes once you shake yourself off the bed. The day will be yours, the moments will be there to cherish. The mantra to live a positive life slowly unwraps it too you. Powerful messages to self are like sanjivani buti (elixir) which would resurrect us from the debris of life.

Happiness or richness of soul is certainly an inside job but to take it out & put it in use, we need an outer job and the performance of self depends on how promptly, how painstakingly and how conscientiously the outer gallant efforts are conquered by the sweat of your brow. Everything is possible & achievable only if we believe… To believe is to achieve & there are no two ways about it.

And your belief commences from the day you sincerely message to yourself.

That’s the fuel needs to be added to the fire within to excel, to marvel, to reign supreme and to be unparalleled in life.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.