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The weather was absolutely mushy & pristine, on that morning so for obvious reason, I left the bed little late which is usually not my ritual but that day was an exception. The pitter-patter sound of the rain which has a fairly positive and easy-going connotation to touch all the chords of my heart was creating a sense of melody & calmness.

A perfect scenic beauty being sketched all around for a delightful visual thesaurus as I approached the balcony. I thought I was in a world of fantasy, a cloud cuckoo land, I pinched myself to realise that paradise is nowhere up there, it’s very much here, wrapping us up in the lap of it.

I was indulging myself in the thought of it but suddenly my mobile obstructed my imaginative state to put me in the reality ground. It was one of my clients call whom I haven’t met in person ever but always guided & counseled over the phone through the technology-driven privilege of video calling. She wanted to meet me & this time face to face, straight from her abode to a place of our convenience.

And finally after talking to her over the phone for about 2/3 times. I met her today in a very cosy, comfy, uber chic restaurant. She was excited & anxious all at one go. But seeing her in such a bewildered state, I wanted her to settle first and coffee came as a respite, it gave her a breathing space & recess from her unwanted panting & gasping out of worriment & impatience. A cup of hot coffee did wonder to our mood almost instantaneously and hit up the right button. The caffeine promoted brain stimulation making us feel alert to start up the conversation almost effortlessly. It enhanced her mood so well that she could talk blatantly, very overtly with no attempt at concealment. And as it is when you give a genuine listening ear & patient hearing to someone where your gestures, your tonal quality, your interest in them and your understanding ability for their each spoken word is out of sensibility & compassion as well as your communication is vivid & clear then no one could barely & rarely seal their hearts for you, listening is a therapy in itself when you listen to understand & not to talk as if what’s next.

And when you listen sitting beside while sipping a hot coffee, the conversation goes deeper, the meaning gets intense, emotions run high & a special bond is established. I could see her eyes sparkling & face dazzling when she poured everything out & vented all her suppressed stressful thoughts that she was only pushing under the carpet for a while.

Today she felt free, free from her negative thoughts, dense dark clutches of a timid mind, from her emotional upheavals & dampening spirit.

She got released, got her mental peace, a newly found independence and liberation each time I have witnessed her opening her heart out. A cup of coffee was doing the trick. But only coffee can’t be the saviour if you & me are not there for each other, genuinely concerned for the wellbeing of one another then the coffee comes with all its taste and flavour.

So, we must find out time for our loved ones, whom we care & bare it all for them, all our wishes, personal gratifications & just everything.

After all, life is to live, love & laugh together having you & me holding our cups coffee.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.