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Imagine a scenario, where you reach the railway station and the train starts moving in front of your eyes, you have pretty heavy good & excess luggage, so, it’s impossible on your part to run but still, you try, you run a bit holding all those baggage but alas!!! the train leaves the station… What a pity!! So, what would you do? You would cry your entire life thinking about your missing train or you inquire about the next timings & reserve your ticket to reach your destination? If you would think of options, you would become productive in your approach, this is called constructive thinking, an action plan & it must be taken for a strategy to succeed.

And this experience also teaches you one great lesson of respecting time, being punctual & disciplining yourself whereas valuing time is concerned. So that, this mistake should not be repeated ever again.

But just think inversely, you missed the train but you would be blaming others for being late, scolding your fate, talking about traffic, busy roads, government & the list seems endless but that would have been disastrous and would have also made you feel miserable.

Cause once you start complaining it will be like a mountain out of a molehill. But taking responsibility for your own action, you think, huh.. now, what’s that?

We must realise that there’s always a silver lining in the cloud, a possibility in every impossibility & just when you feel your world has gone upside down, there’s always something to look up to. So, accept there are certain things we can’t change, it’s not in our control, so let it happen & let it pass and secondly there is always something to take action for at the very moment like finding solutions for an instantaneous problem. And there will be forever something to look forward to and to plan.

Our life is the amalgamation of these three vital aspects, I profoundly pronounce it as “3M”.

So the “3M” are ‘Memory’, something we can’t change, that is past.

Then ‘Magic’, something that is all about living in the moment, our very own present.

And last but not least something that would get unfolded with its due course of time, the ‘Mystery’, that’s our future which is known as our unpredictable reality.

The past has become a memory that we only remember to be happy or discouraged, to dance in joy or to be in melancholy, down in the doldrums.

Memories are good reminders of our mistakes, our joys, our achievements & failures but it has already gone, so please let it go.

Did we have any control over the train that left the station, nope, it just passed before your eyes & that’s how the events of our life are. They simply take place & pass, while passing they turn into past, a memory which is blurred or vivid depending on the intensity of the situation and experience.

We also get anxious & apprehensive for the unseen, unheard, untrodden pathways of our life which is known as the future. It’s a great mystery up there somewhere & it is always in an approaching state, about to reach situation. So, for obvious reasons, the very nature of our future is thoroughly unpredictable.

Again, we have no control over it like past, the time which has passed & of course the time which hasn’t arrived.

But the real magic happens when we are very much here..  breathing, laughing, loving, living and experiencing everything at the very moment, that’s our present. This present time is our gift & it unfolds the magic, the real magic of meeting life, witnessing all its facets, undergoing all the happenings & encountering myriad occurrences all at one go.

There’s life in Today.

There’s life in Now.

There’s life Here & nowhere else..

As wise men say, “Tomorrow never comes, because when it arrives, it becomes Today”.

Today is known as a gift that’s why it’s called the present, our very own magical present.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.