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Who would imagine a world without the presence of a mother or a moment without the feel of a mother?

It might come in myriad ways being with her, away from her, understanding her, in memory of her, losing her, or in finding her (as we sometimes forget her worth).

She’s always been there, always done that, for all the seasons n for all the reasons.

We acknowledge or not, we appreciate or not, we make her feel special or we take her for granted, we value her contribution or we undermine her consistent dedication to us, it hardly deters her from her belief that she’s always there for us no matter what.

So never question a mother’s potential, never doubt her abilities, never compare her ever-giving, sacrificing self with anything or with anybody for any reason ever.

Nobody goes through the turmoil of life the way she does, nobody faces the hurdles n tussles of life the way she does, nobody deals with the ordeals of life the way she does, but she always emanates as a fighter, an achiever, a survivor, a winner in whatever responsibility she undertakes, however difficult circumstances she undergoes and whichever era she belongs to.

A mother is whole and soul of a family in each sense of the word. She was, she is and she will be always special in every age and in every phase of her life.

How far she could struggle as well as juggle and deal with problems are not dependent on her ability to do so, but her intention to pull it off every time relentlessly. Her heart supersedes everything and she goes out of her way to confront any situation that might create hurdles and stumbling blocks for her children. Not a single kind of impediment or any sort of setback could handicap her commitment and zeal to help her children in whatever ways and by whatever means she could. Never fail to please her, never forget her sacrifices, never neglect her when she’s in dire need of your support,  never ignore the unconditional love that she had bestowed upon you when you were taught how to stand on your feet and then how to stand erect facing all uncertainties and mundaneness of life.

Remember, she had been working incessantly day and night, exerting herself and keeping her nose to the grindstone when bringing you up, shaping you up and lifting you up for a greater purpose and bigger motivation of life. Never make her feel dejected and rejected in the later stage of her life just because she would not be able to contribute her part in any of the ways to ease your goal or soothe your soul.

While she was there being rock solid helping you in each step that you took, in each move you made, she was always there being the backbone of your decision-making moments as well as your times of madness and mindedness. But she had never left you alone, never made you feel hopeless and not even an ounce of helplessness had ever touched you because she was with you always in whatever phases of life you were and you still are. Whether now you belong to your mother or not but she always belongs to you for her entire life even without your consent. A mother takes pride in her identity always.

Her children are lights of her life, her entire world revolves and evolves around them, her existence is merely an extension of her role that she plays day in and day out without cribbing, complaining or whining and that is the role of a mother.

My heartfelt gratitude with my head bows down with respect for all the great mothers both young and strong, naive and experienced now and forever.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.