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If we look around, we would come across almost every single thing that teaches us something or the other every time & it that big tree, or that kitten who flees seeing me, be it that little baby who smiles irrespective of the fact that am a stranger to her or be it my friend who stays far & beyond, be it the milkman who always comes late or the security guard at the main gate, be it that struggling singer or our very own five fingers… look at them minutely, observe & process what they have to teach us then implement those learnings for richer experiences & better understanding of life…

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.