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Ms. Bharati Sinha never misses any chance to read the morning newspaper along with her black tea but while sipping her tea she vividly recalls Mrs. Sharma telling her to try herbal tea and some seven-eight different names pertaining to it like Dandelion, chamomile, ginseng, hibiscus, mint, lavender, lemongrass and the list is kind of endless. But at her age, changing old habits is an absolute herculean task, it’s like moving mountains which seems possible in motivational books that she justifies to herself before trying out. These tea names come to her mind mammoth size, Which almost seems impossible to die down as every day Mrs. Sharma dumps into her in laughter club & she starts her health tips almost like peacock dances seeing clouds in the sky. And she keeps on reminding her about them all the time almost like a nagging mother who runs after her kids to be neck deep in study, study  & study only. Beside Mrs. Sharma the rest of the lot in that club is very enthusiastic & engaging. It’s great fun for Ms. Bharati to be a part of that circle & start her days with good notes almost every time.

The intensity of her loneliness fades with each passing day as she has started participating in all the social causes and initiates the circle undertakes. Losing Mr. Sinha was never easy for her, as he was the only companion to her because she was not fortunate enough to bear & rear children and their family implied both of them.

She had got all her solace in Mr. Sinha (Late Mr. Vijay Sinha) who was saviour of her in each sense of the word, be it emotionally supporting her in her inability to embrace motherhood, be it physically guarding her as she has prosthetic hips or now mentally supporting her (even in his absence) to live her life on her own terms not giving in to any sort of pressure she encounters every day.

But amongst all these the one thing that supports Mrs. Sinha before she wraps her day in her quilt is Mr. Sinha’s spiritual support. He was a firm believer in God, the supremo & a staunch follower of soul healing.

He nurtured a belief all through his life which goes like

“If you talk, He listens,

If you ask, He grants,

If you share, He certainly cares to empower.”

Mrs. Sinha had this immense faith in God that his sudden demise that was almost like a bubble on water or a blink an eye which is the hardest and harsh reality is absolutely indecipherable and unexplainable. This made her realize how uncertain life is! His absence and such irreparable loss could not deter her faith in Almighty and she continues riding her belief chariot wearing bliss under her sleeves because belief makes things real, makes things feel alright.

In the humdrum of life where she faces the twist & turns with unprecedented faith, it actually goes to her years of dedicated commitment in religiously following a ritual called ‘self-talk’ where her talks are confessions as well as expression of her emotions that wipe her traumas & dilemmas almost without a hitch.

When someone lives alone, solidarity comes naturally & that’s the story of Mrs. Sinha which resonates with self-assurance opening the doors of spirituality almost effortlessly. She has developed an undying faith that there’s some divine power guiding her & consistently resurrecting her from the cruel grips of helplessness & hopelessness, allowing her to explore & expand the vicinity of her limitations, restrictions & inhibitions.

When in life, we have no one to turn towards, no one to fill the vacuum, no one to attend to, life seems miserable but at that time ‘self-talk’, conversation with the self which is like empowering self from within comes as a rescue as if you are falling from a cliff & suddenly your parachute opens up, that’s the magic of life & the essence of life one experiences in the true sense of the word. And Mrs. Sinha truly lives a life of self-discovery where she believes in the manta called “No pain, no gain”, the pain of losing someone you loved wholeheartedly but the gain of finding your strong self.

Mrs. Bharati Sinha is an epitome of motivation, a survivor with a never-say-die attitude, someone who believes in living life with less reluctancy, zero expectancy & more spirituality. She enjoys her odyssey of life with herself being her true self.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.