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My story revolves around my protagonist ‘S’, ‘S’ could be Sunita, Shehnaz or Suji.

But as the story unfolds itself she would reveal a part of all our beings.

She could be you, me or anyone whom you know far & wide or now from a short while. But she’s very much a part of all of us. Her imperfections are perfect enough to prompt her to evolve & grow and shed all the victimised traits that once she was carrying in her heart with all emotional baggage attached to her being. She realized it’s time to shed all her inhibitions to surge ahead & announce her newly acquired proficiency.

It was getting late in the morning & ‘S’ was anxious enough to think how being late for office would cost her big-time and she just couldn’t afford to bury all her dreams in the budding state itself. She’s the most promising in the lot as her growth in her career ladder is quite profound for everyone to witness and it’s just for the sake of her ambition driven persona she has come a long way both career wise & otherwise. She came all the way from a small town to the dream city called Mumbai, all on her own going against the obvious age-old norms & condemning pre-set future plans for a regular daughter of any house where your only achievement is getting settled in life by getting married, looking after in-laws (aging or ailing), efficiently managing household chores and quietly performing it all minus complaining leave alone protesting.

But ‘S” is headstrong, she’s fiercely independent to cross through the vicinity of a so-called selfless life to a more self-secured life where it’s important to nurture self first cause a soul that’s taken care of, properly attended to & consistently fostered has all the ingredients to surpass it all & way enough reasons to smile to march ahead towards progress in life. But it wasn’t a cakewalk for ‘S’ & still is not a piece of pie, she has to constantly struggle with all the nuances & nuisances of life but still at times come to blows & falls flat at her face while grappling with her fate that takes her to a not so smooth sailing experience of actuality indeed reality of life.

It was even bitter & sour for her when she took a strong decision against all odds, all the harsh voices & pointing fingers that the transition would not take her long that the transfiguration would disfigure her identity & would be left her feeble & incapable. Yes, the transition was not mere of a place, not from a job & not even a change of home, it was an about turn, a ‘U’ turn from a Mrs to a Ms being the honorific form of address indicating respect to a woman irrespective of her marital status, at least that’s what English dictionaries have endowed us with. But people have really no sense to put sense to the most sensible words of the world leave alone the efficiency & correctness of any dictionary.

Yes, you guessed it right she got separated from her husband for any reason apt to both the persons involved cause in these cases it’s always either or, we justify our beliefs by either pointing our fingers at the man or at the woman, former being the rarest gesture shown by most of the so-called sane groups. And the icing on the cake is if the woman is not feeling victimised or vulnerable or the worst would be like she wants to move on in life, then the whole society flock together to stare but never spare that poor soul to rest her insecurities, worries & weaknesses to look further in life.

That’s what exactly had happened with ‘S’ to make her feel fish without water but the good news is our ‘shero’ my dear ‘S’ is a conqueror, She is a fighter, She has a heart of gold with a never-say-die attitude. She did not put an end to her dreams or aspirations there, she did not believe that life ended there n there was no place to go.

You must be knowing for a woman who has her marital status comes to a point of turns & twists is much more spice & condiment for others to talk and discuss without being shy of it, but this braveheart ‘S’ completely turned a deaf ear to all the mutilations & assassinations of her character & threw all these craps and trashes in the dustbin, the litter basket that deserves all unwanted stuff be it rubbish or gibberish. And she moved further in life in the odyssey of her self-resurrection in the most trying times of her life, knowing all the potholes & roadblocks the new path has in store for her.

Her father who always encouraged her to live her life on her own terms minus any compromises or guilt feelings was her biggest source of inspiration and a rock-solid support system. His words constantly echo in her mind and almost uplifts her spirit to the next level each time she feels little down, broken-hearted or dejected by the predictable outer world scenario. It’s a cruel fact that the most adorable man of her life, her father is no more physically present in her life but the spiritual connection always behold her & his each word which is deeply etched in her mind is always paramount in taking her steps more boldly, in making clear & vivid decisions & in climbing the ladder of success. He was, he still is & he will always be her guiding source & guarding force.


She could finally manage to reach office if not at the right time but for obvious reasons, not a minute late for the felicitation that was being arranged in the conference hall. She entered the hall & all the eyes were on her as a focusing light covering the celebrity who enters with much aplomb. Yes, everyone was waiting for her, it’s her day, all her endeavours have finally paid off & it came as no surprise that she was getting promotion from a development manager to be the head of development. And the ‘shero’ My ’S’ is shining like a glitterati, a very well deserved pat on her back, crown on her head, prize in her hand, yes, real bull’s eye, a perfect Eureka moment for my ‘S’.

She has worked really hard for it, running from pillar to post, struggling, tussling, juggling from yank to jerk, going through arrays of bumps, knocks, jolts & thrusts of life.

So, when the announcement was made of her promotion, her happiness knew no bounds. Finally, all her energy, time and luck that she had put on stake have arrived to embrace her entirely.


And when she drove her way to the countryside, she could notice a rainbow galore adorning the sky in its entirety, proudly pronouncing her enduring spirit, her indomitable essential being and her grit and determination to face all the oddities of life head-on. While approaching her home she saw the innocent face of Diya peeping outside the window of the house (Diya, the little girl whom she nurtures and takes care of as her own child).

She has adopted Diya from an orphanage long back and this little girl is the one who means the world to my protagonist ‘S’. Diya, the little bundle of joy is her lucky mascot & her world entirely revolves around her now.

Her joy was palpable when she held Diya in her arms & within no time both of them jumped into the car as she had promised her to take her out to paint the town red, yellow, orange, green & all the colours that Diya’s colour palette carries.

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