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It was an usual summer morning, the sun was in its full swing, shining, glaring & no respite or relief from the heat wave & its blazing demeanour. But traversing it all, the brave hearts were hustling and bustling with an undying hope of embracing their good life that’s somewhere down the lane. The brave hearts are the commoners who know life is not going to be easy, so they have to be tough & they run from pillar to post to earn their livelihood, to support their families, to bring happiness on the faces of their loved ones.

Among all these chaos, life’s daily mundane scenario, there’s a puja shop where a middle-aged man sells diyas & incense to prospective customers who offer these to the deities to get something in return & that is their wish fulfillment for their family, their job, love, marriage, health, wealth basically offerings for their own wellbeing.

And this man is the medium of helping these devotees by providing them the source to their wish destination. He sells diays to earn his livelihood but his heart & soul is committed to help & support people in times of need as in the scorching heat when the elderly & children are unable to bear the obvious pain, he’s ready with his aid, a requisite cover to beat the heat, his Red Umbrella, that he quickly puts in work with a blink of an eye when he finds someone in dire need of it to get some respite.

That red umbrella was little unusual one very much unlike the ones which are hugely available in the market may be because the intention of its usage is very profound & grand, so, it gives you an illusion of a mammoth size as it could cover a pretty good amount of people at one go. The diya seller almost always leave his shop in the hands of his little son who would be around 9 or 10 years to do the offering & his offering is purely out of selfless interest, he offers his help to the needy & that’s the most sought-after offering anybody could give to anyone at any given time.

And it’s far greater & better than offering for one’s own self or indirectly trying to bribe and lure by giving something in the pretext of fulfilling their own selfish desires and wishing for the desired outcomes too.

This old man had witnessed it many times that how people they turn inhuman even when heading towards any holy place or being present in such divine place. They even behave insensitively when a small child approaches for food or piece of fruit that they hold in their basket to offer to God or even the way they shout at the rickshawalla while giving money when asked to give little more because of the unbearable heat or yelling at the roadside beggars because of the irritation that they get by the sight of them. So, are these so-called devotions and prayers to almighty only occupied with self? Is it only selfish interest that made them rush to all these holy places & try to please the supreme power through their offerings? But the sole purpose of coming to these positively vibrational spaces on earth where these holy abodes rest is to cleanse our souls in bettering and uplifting our inner beings to live a meaningful life which is a boon to us and blessing to others, not just wishing for ourselves but for others wellbeing as well.

So, where’s everyone’s Red Umbrella?

Why not everyone is carrying one with them?

Why everyone is so stingy when it comes to offer something minus their own interest?

Why the Red Umbrella even after being so beatific & alluring is falling short in enticing others to embrace it ?

Why this Red Umbrella is left to only handful of people to use it for other’s benefit?

But the Red Umbrella is magical, it’s like kindness begets kindness, good deed brings good fortune.

It holds true in the case of Red Umbrella too as once you give it, it actually comes back to you. You hold it for someone this time and next time someone will hold it for you.

No gesture of kindness goes waste as it has its own taste, it gives you back all that once you have shared & that I bet. Always preserve your red umbrella and maximise it’s usage, spread it around as much as you can, then you witness the magic that follows.

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  • Vikas Yadav says:

    It is very important for me to express to you how much these motivational and positivity really mean to me. Until very recently I used to think that having that one person who lit up your life and made every day brighter was just something invented by people trying to sell movies and songs. But now I know that when you keep a positive approach to others sooner or later they responded back with positivity. This was one big note I was ignoring all my life.
    I would first like to start off by telling you that never in my life had I thought that I would ever find someone who believes in life the way I want and looks into the life, its again the time when I started taking initiative and started to open up I found every second person as beautiful in heart and soul as I idolised. I want you to know how much I appreciate you. I may not tell you enough, or show it. You do so many little things for people that go unnoticed, but it will come back with more positivity That I can assure you.
    You are like a magnet with your voice, positivity and of course beauty that attracts people to get that positivity from you.
    I want to thank you for giving me all the positivity, encouragement, love and bonding that I need. Thank you for being a friend and a guide.
    Love and care
    vikas <3

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