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Life is like a moving car, it constantly changes its path, it’s turns, it’s experiences along the way. Sometimes the roads are smooth as silk, as chocolate mousse, sometimes it’s bumpy with jolts and rough patches.

But it says nothing is constant in life. The greenery is exchanged with chimneys, the mountains give ways to tall buildings, sometimes raining, sometimes clear blue sky, sometimes busy life is swapped for a peaceful village retreat and other times serene village life is paving its way to elite metro territory.

Now, the message is loud & clear, CHALTI KA NAAM GAADI.

So, let’s move swiftly with the pace of a car, cherishing & rejoicing change that we encounter with love in our eyes to look around. And admiring the beauty near and far, enjoying the freshness as well as novelty those come on the platter keeping belief in heart that everything changes, the good… the bad, the happy… the sad.

So, wear your seat belt tight and enjoy your ride.

Be in control of your life. And take some pepper and salt with some sweet.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.