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Today, while returning from work, I had to buy one or two grocery items for home as at the end of the month we almost always fall short of something or the other the requisites of our kitchen stuff.

So, I stopped my car to get those stuffs from the respective shop as it was a roadside shop and I didn’t have the patience to go for my regular grocery store. It was hugely crowded with many bystanders and by-passers. I had to wait there for a while cause I could see the shopkeeper was busy attending to those who were already there in the queue.

Then I saw a woman in worn & dirty clothes who was shabbily dressed, completely in a dilapidated appearance came for something, it seemed she had little money but she wanted something from there and she was going on waving her hand relentlessly. She was standing just next to me and abruptly asking for someone or two grocery stuff at least that was what I could make out from her muttering words.

But the eyes of the shopkeeper saw who came in a car sideling the one who came charred being money-eyed so far. But thanks to my genetic sensibilities, I requested the shopkeeper to help that lady out in getting her stuffs first then to attend my needs.

Can’t we be just to just help those who seek it the most? I asked to my higher self, “is it the money or our status quotient that decides how we should be treated?”

But asking to my lower self would have restricted me to be conscientious enough in choosing to be served after the lady who was looking less fortunate. Because we always have a choice how to choose & what to choose at a given situation. And can’t we be always fair to everyone irrespective of their so-called class / economical strata or societal tags. Human beings have no value as they are, can’t they expect respect for their sheer existence, for they are God’s creation, for they are alive, where we are reading now??

Why we are passing lewd comments or mistreating the fortunate ones in the pretext of showing our superiority & merely judging others in the eyes of social setting rather a flawed setting.

In this highly material clad world, our humanity has gone for a toss, we no more value someone’s worth by his/her presence or by simply the way he/she is which is pure God-made rather how hefty their bank balance is & what’s their social stature that is absolutely man-made.

So in our haughtiness and arrogance, we have become whopping greater than almighty as we have already placed ourselves in a position to question his creation. In the eyes of God, everyone is equal, so why this disparity, difference & on the basis of what ‘Deep pockets’, financial wealth, multiple resources??

This is undoubtedly an ugly face of humanity handicapped state of mind where we weigh somebody not for what he is but for what he has, big difference, and a shameful one.

In our day-to-day encounters with people of lower strata, observe how our voice, pitch, mood & temper change as if we witness some kind of smoke in the air, potholes on the road, stale food in our fridge or a foul smell in a public place. Just peep inside yourself & you’ll know what I am talking about, how it happens so.

We must realize they are all living beings, same species sharing same attributes aligning with us. They are alive but we are not aware how to be subtle & tone down rather we know how to pronounce our authority at the top of our soul digging journey which will enhance our ‘True Self’ from within.

We must not cling on to a confined, narrow & poky self of ours which only speak volumes about our superficial gratifications & a sorry state of our mental conditioning, we need to let go of the flawed indulgence to move forward onto better things of life.

But Rome was not built in a day, so the transition is going to take good amount of time as getting rid of old junk like mental frame to a more humane, considerate & solicitous being demands its own course of time & perseverance but little by little… the bird builds its nest.

And little by little we start safeguarding the less privileged & repressed ones by giving them their due importance with signature human touch in dealing with them, in feeling their worth & in the process healing their long due wounds.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.