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My father used to say, “Always you can’t talk or communicate through words but always you can put your eyes to work, always you can look around, observe your surrounding because with great observation comes deep understanding & when you start understanding people, things, places, events, reasons, your awareness reaches a higher level & U start walking on the road of slowly but steadily & surely understanding life. And that’s what makes you a sensible being who doesn’t judge or criticise but empathize, who doesn’t think or consider himself best amongst rest but unquestionably fathoms oneness with the universe.”

His words ring in my mind like the sound of a bell coming from a holy place far & away, that kind of a reverberation consistently echoes in my thought chambers and I feel the urge to live up to his every single word in my usual cheerful days & even in my trying times.

The journey of self-discovery commenced little early for me though it was attached to series of initial hiccups & glitches every now & then. But the journey was & still is absolutely awe-inspiring.

When we enter a heightened state of awareness that allows us to observe being attentive to our surroundings which is pure & pristine cognizance, a true undiluted, unmingled & unclouded realization of self.

But the obvious reality is, we learn these things the hard way that is through our ‘experiences’.

When we talk about the quintessential life, it throws many challenges in the form of myriad situations to us. Sometimes these situations of life seem harsh & hard as rocks but at times embrace us with feather type lightness & cotton-like softness leaving us to wander in the mystery called life. And that’s how our experiences pertaining to life place us on the odyssey of assimilating the essence of life.

hide & seek-my-positive-life

The interesting fact of life is it always plays ‘hide & seek’ with us and I bet, it’s very good at that. What happens in the game of ‘hide & seek’ one player closes his eyes & rest of the players hide their way to secrecy just to nail the player down who’s about to seek them. Just in case of life, it also holds unseen chambers of pain & anguish, frailties & weaknesses (like opening the pandora’s box) for us in the form of failure in finding out hidden players. It indicates realizing your true potential while guarding your alertness & observation as well as understanding the requirements of the situation.

So, the bottom line is hidden players are opportunities, good fortune & moments of hope. Once you find them, you meet your favorable result and once you fail to find them you lose your chances to win the game of life until next time.

When we seem to understand & uncover the meaning of life (which is like gold dust) by synchronizing all our efforts, we face certain extreme circumstances & sudden fall offs which pave its way to our mind leaving us confused & perplexed in exploring what actually life is.

It’s not a cake walk to absorb life with its wholeness, it’s partly foggy, partly hazy, partly smoggy but in its entirety, a game of  ‘hide & seek’ to discover & uncover life in its true sense.

Okay, having said that another game comes to my mind which is equally mysterious to unveil what’s in store for us. Any guesses my dear readers?


Have you ever played the game of cards?

We get good cards & sometimes we get lousy ones but still, we are constantly on our toes & with our full vim & vigour to play it & how we play it, we fold our card then wait for the next round.

Don’t you think life is just like that, it always throws cards which are unknown to us. We find ourselves at the crossroads of life not being sure enough what the other side holds for us. We just play the game of life depending on whatever is being served on our platter exactly like in the game of cards, we play with the cards which are meant for us, distributed to us.

Then we plan accordingly what to put first, how to win the game, those strategies & calculation, those alertness & mental preparations everything starting from how well you play the game to the confidence that you show to your opponent decide the fate of your game.

The same goes with life, the confidence & determination with which you adorn your being to face the challenges of life speak volumes about your spirit that is of a winner or a whiner.

The harsh fact about life is it doesn’t give us any rehearsal time, it’s now or never, it always puts us in a ‘do or die zone’ which says, just now you play the game with all your ability or you miss your chance to the next turn. In a game scenario, we get ample practice sessions, rehearsing, test flights, trial balloons, trial performance, workouts & what not, the list seems endless but in reality, life designs game plans for us which are instantaneous & expeditions. So, we have to be adept in becoming a master player who has focus, competitiveness, aggressiveness, commitment, discipline, deep understanding, in-depth knowledge, keen insight to sail through, score high & reach the zenith of life.

We all play the game of life whether we realize it or not.

So, we must play it with ease, with clarity, with self-control & most importantly with happiness.

We need to strive for greatness but must have fun doing it.

Always remember that more than winning, it’s about enjoying the game, playing it the right way. That’s the real sportsman spirit.

We must always nurture the belief of “Never, ever, ever, give up”. And believe me, friends, that’s the only way to accomplish all that we wish in our life be it love, good health, friendship, brotherhood, happiness, peace, contentment, success or prosperity. A game well played is a life well lived.

So, play the game of life with all your might, with heart  & soul to evolve & grow.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.