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September 16, 2017. This date of the year is etched in my life forever. A moment that stopped, a heart that didn’t beat, a life that stopped breathing and a soul that went to the heavenly abode. Yes, that date still sends shivers to my whole existence. My father closed his eyes forever to all worldly attachments only to open it to a new world of brightness, positivity, purity & divinity, an everlasting utopia, a place where noble souls reside.

This feeling of not having his physical presence in my life still hurts me but my higher self which has been consistently nurtured, fostered & taken care of diligently and generously by my father himself always comes to my rescue also to the forefront to take me towards a path of healing for obvious reasons. I have undoubtedly lost his presence but not Him as an anchor and as my life’s best ever gift, my lifetime present. His insights, his knowledge, his values & his principles are still guiding me, enlightening me & enriching my life.

I have read it somewhere & discussed it at length for some 20 odd times with my Dad, who was and still, is my emotional and intellectual anchor about a quote that I have read somewhere way back but it always enhances my thought chords till today and it goes like “Let it hurt, let it heal, then let it go.”

All through his life, he had sincerely believed that human being is born to grow, he has come to this world to explore, to unleash his hidden potentials & credentials, to touch the marvels of life and to create miracles through the magic of his existence.

But never have come to suffer, to be suffocated & choked by his pressures, to be down in doldrums or to get hurt by any means, get baffled by temptations or to have succumbed to all terrible complaints & criticisms.

Human beings are born to live a soulful life, a life of betterment, commitment, contentment & enlightenment.

When we are born as humans, along with it comes the complete baggage which are of attachments, expectations, desires & desperations.

So, people are clung to all these worldly affairs only to suffer & be distressed later.

But we must remember, problems will come, adversities will peep in & out, we will be hurt umpteen times but our hurts should not soften us rather it should make us strong, robust & hard nut to crack. It shouldn’t make us weak and fragile rather it should propel us to get up & fight back each time we fall flat at our face. Our hurts & sufferings are meant to refine us, to make us strong & bold, to make us determined to take on life head on.

So, let the bitter experiences of life make us better enough to ignite the energy of positivity in us.


“Let the broken cured,

Let the slump ascent,

Let the suppressed awaken,

Let the subdued brighten,

Let the fallen rise,

Let the hurt heal..”


  • Samarendra Mohapatra says:

    Ruheena, you are one angel of God, who in all truthfulness leads life with grace. Your views and thoughts are inspiring us everyday and with every strength we gain from you, we reinforce our prayers for you and family.

    It was a soulfelt message and thrusted each one of us go over and over it again – just to reassure ourselves, that it’s our little sister saying this or are we reading someone above the worldly stature. Thanks for being as such!!!

    God bless you all immensely and we remain together!

  • Ruheena says:

    Dear Bhaina, am divinely blessed to have such soulful people like u in my life whose mere presence in my life endows me with patience, diligence, perseverance n reverence.
    Am ever grateful to you for ur kind words n encouraging gesture.

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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.