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I Pray Almighty…

To give you strength in your tough phase

and more smiles when sadness covers your days.

To empower you with valour & audacity,

So that you would shine through all adversities.


I Pray Almighty…

To embrace you when your spirits sink & crumple

then you would rise & shine in manifolds.

To resurrect you when you fall in doubt & doldrums

and reinvigorate the energy & enthusiasm in full form.


I Pray Almighty…

To awaken your sagging soul that’s lost in chaos & turmoil

So that you would bounce back with vim & vigour to enjoy.

To renew courage within you to explore your true self

and regenerate your faith so that you could believe in yourself.


I Pray Almighty…

To bestow you with patience & perseverance and

place you on the right path to accept the truth with substance.

To relaunch you for more positive relationships & joyful friendships

so that we could all rejoice & cherish a life of humanity flagship.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.