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You must know how your mind functions, why it’s not listening to you? May be you are not giving it the right instructions or may be it’s not following your command. You want fruits but you will dwell in the fish market, will you get fruits?  You want to use the ladies washroom. if you are a lady and you end up in a gents toilet, oh my God what’s happening? Wrong instructions to mind, right? Improper instructions could land us up in so much trouble that only the outcomes would be for us to see. Clear instructions lead to clear results and that’s the bottom line. So, aligning to this claim let me profoundly say that if you want happiness for yourself, focus on being happy, press your happiness button and ignite your happiest sense. Why you are getting angry, hateful, jealous, stressed or scared, if you want happiness in life or being happy is your ultimate goal?

Happiness begets happiness, so, feeding ourselves with happy thoughts, happy words would create a happy mood as well as a happy mind for us. In the journey of life, you will meet people who will tell you what you can’t do, what are your faults, where you are going wrong, what you must not do, what are your weakness, so on and so forth. But nobody will dare to tell you what you can do, what you are capable of, how to believe in yourself and in your dreams, how to ignite the fire within you and how to be the best of you.

So, cling on to those people only who are concerned about your growth and happiness, however, less their number may seem to you, they are your ticket to development, enrichment and reason to be happy and content in life.

Here, we have to remember that happiness is an inside job, it’s a choice like any other choices we have in our life. The moment we shift our focus from creating or bringing it in our life to blaming somebody or something else for our unhappy state, the real problem crops up.

So, we must know how to discover our happiness quotient. Realizing that nothing could deter us from achieving our dream which is to be in a happier stance or to remain in a joyous attitude that would make us believe that our happiness depends only on our efforts, not on any external factors, fate or luck.

Have your reality check in between, in the middle of life frequently and consistently cause life will sometimes be tough, many a time fragile and a rough road to tread. It hasn’t left anybody, so, how it would leave you?

We might compare our sorry state with somebody rich and successful or bold and beautiful only to feel dazed and drained knowing our situation which is a big mess at present but how about comparing our condition with someone who’s victimised in the hands of cruelty, poverty, insanity or instability? Whatever may happen, we are always in the middle, some people will be more privileged than us and some will be always less fortunate than us. Comparisons would only breed more negativity, escapism and helplessness. So, stay away from it and surround yourself with more positive vibrations and optimistic connotations. It could be as simple as having more open gestures and postures where you smile more, talk with clarity, sit straight or give a compliment.

Think of a beautiful scene where even a bird-like peacock starts fanning his tail which conveys his happiness in full swing or even where someone stands tall with shoulders straight and up that oozes a lot of confidence or for that matter our very own Shahrukh Khan while spreading his arms in his signature style does that magic which hugely generates positive vibes, instantly lifts our spirits to greater heights and makes us fall in love with him time and again. That’s the power of body language which denotes happiness and confidence.

So, happiness can be cultivated and created immensely with sincere endeavours, striving wholeheartedly for it and not failing in your attempts to bring it on. So, taming your mind is of paramount importance. Everything is inside us, the happier self, the joyous spirit, the never-say-die attitude, the go- getter, the mood maker, the easy- going, the light- hearted the untroubled and the unworried being. Let’s lead it to the forefront, let’s keep it alive and kicking and let’s rejoice and celebrate our real, existent, genuine, happy being. That’s the real me, that’s the true you and that’s our living identity.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.