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Christmas or new year are those time of the year when we try to forget all our worries, problems, tussles or miseries as there’s an urge to welcome the new year with much-needed pomp and grandeur and start everything afresh. A new year, a new beginning, and newness spreads out everywhere, novelties come on a platter to serve its ways to our hearts.

Take a vow to be more kind in your gesture, to be more subtle in your approach, more genuine & more keen in exploring and knowing your true self.

Remember, “Past is history, future is mystery today is a gift and that’s why it’s called the present”. So, bury all your negativity, all your grudges, all your ill-feelings and throw all your thoughts which are not allowing you to live freely and breathe easy in the trash. You don’t need them, seriously!!

Do you all know, what’s santa clause’s message to each of us, He wants to tell the world that, “Remember to be nice.” By nice he means, nice to one’s own self, nice to each other & nice to our mother nature.

So, each child should be told from the beginning as the New Year unfolds its magic and opportunities in myriad ways that they must be kind and considerate in the future and it must start from now.

B’coz we should know as being Santa, wearing the cap, decorating Christmas tree, dancing, singing, having fun and merry making, these all are pivotal, like that being Santa, wearing Santa’s cap, spreading kindness and peace are equally very important deeds and these are most dear to Him, to our very own santa.


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Ruheena Priyadarshini is a positive psychologist, professional speaker, and communication expert. She designs and develops seminars and workshops for Corporates, Universities, Institutions and conceptualizes various modules for Parents, Teachers & Students on Positive parenting, Self-growth, Positive attitude developments and other customized topics.